Key To Miami Uncategorized Complete Renovation of the RC Cola Plant for more than $20M by Moishe Mana

Complete Renovation of the RC Cola Plant for more than $20M by Moishe Mana

According to The Real Deal, Moishe Mana plans to develop the former RC Cola plant in Wynwood for $20 million or more, reviving the long-stalled vision for his portfolio in Miami’s arts district. 

As part of the project, nine tenants will be able to rent space inside the food hall at 550 Northwest 24th Street, the bar will span 100 feet on both sides, food trucks will be able to operate outdoors, there will be a beer garden, retail space, and event space, according to Mana and Thomas Martin, RC Cola’s project director. 

A repurposing rather than an entirely new development, Mana Wynwood @ RC Cola is part of the development dubbed RC Cola. Despite the demolition of two small buildings for a loading area, Martin says the rest of the site and murals will remain. 

According to records, Mana purchased the 2.7-acre RC Cola Plant for $2.1 million in 2010.. Since then, he has run it as a concert venue. The 145,000-square-foot site will continue as such a venue, and will include outdoor event space and 10,000 square feet of indoor seating and stage space. 

“We are going to put [on] outdoor music at night that we have for concerts. During the day, it will be a place for families to visit,” Mana said. “It’s really a huge undertaking.” 

According to Martin, Mana Common, the developer’s company, has narrowed down the list of potential tenants to 20. Wynwood-themed and RC Cola-themed merchandise will be sold by one retailer. The rest of the retailers are expected to rotate and sell merchandise tied to events. 

Renderings show the main entrance emulates the look of a subway station with a graffitied sculpture of a subway car. 

“It’s an ode to the original tagging community, when the tagging community used to tag on the subway trains. That was their canvas,” Martin said.

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